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Some of you can say this article is too early but its going to come up eventually. Did we witness the final game of John Harbaughs career as the Ravens head coach? Was this Joe Flaccos final game for Charm City?Less than a week ago White Lamar Jackson Jersey , rumors swirled of John Harbaugh being on John Elways radar for the vacant Denver Broncos position. SB Nations Mile High Report covered a great deal of claims from Mike Florio announcing the interest to Ian Rapoport denying the claims with Mike Klis of 9News corroborating Rapoports denial.The Broncos arent the only team with interest in the Ravens head coach either, as the Miami Dolphins are reportedly interested.While all of this is being debated on the legitimacy of the claims, John Harbaugh answered the question at the post-game presser.It may come down to Eric DeCosta and Steve Bisciotti, rather than Harbaugh. Does new management want new coaching in the mix or do they have confidence in Harbaugh to keep building in this new era?As for Joe Flacco, many are confident hes moving on. If the coaching staff doesnt make the switch to Flacco in the Wild Card game when nearly everyone in the stadium is calling for him, I dont expect the coaching staff to switch up in 2019. More importantly, its hard to envision a backup quarterback on the roster with a cap hit of $26.5 million, especially with C.J. Mosley White Mark Andrews Jersey , Terrell Suggs, John Brown and ZaDarius Smith as pending free agents. Who will step up?"The Ravens are approaching a bit of a transition year under a young second-year quarterback and will be facing all the challenges (and reaping all the benefits) that their situation entails. A lot of new faces are either entering the mix or will be thrust into the spotlight, and, as a result, the chance for a breakout player to emerge definitely presents itself.So, who could that guy be for this season? A few candidates immediately jump to mind, with a pretty interesting one coming from Bleacher Reports Gary Davenport in an article ranking each teams potential breakout player for the coming season:This certainly is an interesting choice and while its tough to categorize Ingram as a straight-up breakout type guy, Davenports logic does make some sense. Hes very much in line for a big time bounce back season with a new team so in that sense this is a point pick Mark Andrews Jersey 2019 , however there are definitely other players who fit the billing just as well if not better.Lets take a look at who some of those guys may be, shall we?Wide Receiver, Chris MoorePhoto by Todd Olszewski/Getty ImagesHeres a fairly obvious one as John Harbaugh has as much said that its Moores time. Hopefully that means the front office will still bring in some young talent to compete for snaps via the draft as Moores ascension to a starting caliber player isnt a sure thing just yet.For now though, it appears he has the inside track to be a top target as training camp opens. If hes able to capitalize on that by building off the momentum of three seasons in which he continuously improved his game, his trajectory would suggest hes up to the task of a more significant workload for 2019.Linebackers Tyus Bowser and Tim WilliamsPhoto by Andy Lyons/Getty ImagesI opted to put these guys together because theyre both expected to step into some pretty big shoes. Replacing Terrell Suggs and ZaDarius Smith doesnt seem like something thatll happen right off the rip, but for now, these two are the ones who are being tabbed to do so.Williams draft profile projected him as an out-and-out pass rusher a-la Smith, while Bowsers athletic ability suggested he would be a more all around front seven chess piece similar to Suggs in some respects. Both were relatively high picks in 2017 who havent shown a ton just yet youth C.J. Mosley Jersey , but with the right coaching and opportunity in front of them, they may just be breakout players this coming season.Quarterback Lamar JacksonPhoto by Patrick Smith/Getty ImagesLamar may be a tough sell as a breakout candidate after a strong rookie season, but the fact remains that he still has more to prove as a passer. Many analysts seem stuck to the idea that he cant/wont improve in this respect, and shutting them up to at least some degree would represent yet another level of a breakout for number 8 in my book. More talent is going to need to be put in place around him between now and September to help facilitate that, but if that does take place to an even reasonable level, theres no reason why Jackson cant continue to build upon his first year success.
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