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Has your child or teenager ever had trouble concentrating, found it hard to sit still, interrupted others during a conversation, or acted impulsively without thinking things through? Can you recall times when your child or teen was lost in a seemingly endless train of daydreams or had difficulty focusing on the task at hand?
As I was listening to Gary speak to this man, I was horrified at the words coming out of his mouth. should not have been out I didn help him I thought isn this criminal, isn there some kind of punishment or charges that can be brought upon this man? How about involuntary manslaughter? Even seinfeld had the Good Samaritan Act.
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On the heels of an exchange that was at times honest, at times combative, at times odd, but fascinating throughout, on Monday evening Ben Smith joined Morgan Live with impressions from his own interview with Anthony Weiner. If he was going to drop out, he probably would have dropped out already. His best bet of getting in there is a series of debates that start tomorrow. So no, I don see any clue that he would drop out.

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